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From HomeMaid Property Management

Intelligent Home Sensors.

Detect. Protect. Prevent.

The Future of Property Inspections.

The truth is that no Keyholder can keep an eye on your property 24x7. Well, that was the case…

We supply, fit and configure a range of carefully selected innovative and intelligent sensors that monitor critical aspects of your home:

Remote 24x7 Power Failure Monitoring

Power cuts are not uncommon in Spain. Our power monitoring solution allows you to detect and quickly react to a powercut or power disruption to fridges, freezers, pool filters, security cameras, WiFi etc.


Air Conditioner Motion Sensors
We can supply, fit and configure a range of intelligent products that use PIR technology to monitor when your guests leave the property and then turn off your A/C, saving you money. 

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Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We supply and fit both standalone, interlinked and smart smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors. A smart detector will alert you or your keyholder of a trigger, even when you are in the UK!


Cigarette & Marijuana Detection

Senses the presence of tobacco smoke and plays a pre programmed voice message in multiple languages to enforce your non-smoking rules. Also serves as a visual deterrent.  

Save money on cleaning and avoid lost revenue due to smoking damage. 

Relax. It’s All Taken Care Of.

We supply, install, configure and test all monitoring devices. 

We are building an all-encompassing range of home monitoring devices, to complement the traditional services provided by a Keyholder.

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