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24x7 Power Failure Detection & Alert

Detect. Protect. Prevent.

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We’re professional Keyholders. So naturally we think Keyholders are indispensable in keeping your property safe and secure. But the problem every Keyholder faces, is timing. A property can be fully inspected one day, only for the power to go off the next. Depending on your inspection schedule, it could be another month before that’s identified. Too late for all the food in your freezer. 

The harsh, simple truth is that no Keyholder can keep an eye on your property 24x7. Well, that was the case…

At HomeMaid we have always put technology at the forefront of what we do. And now we are incredibly excited to introduce remote 24x7 Power & WiFi Failure Detection and Alert.

We supply and install smart sensors that continuously monitor critical electrical circuits in your property, dependent on your needs - fridge/freezers, security cameras and alarms, pool filters etc. If a power interruption is detected you or your Keyholder is alerted and can respond accordingly.

Also detects and alerts to WiFi dropouts even if electrical power is still on, allowing you to quickly restore connection to your critical smart devices such as cameras and alarms.

Relax. It’s All Taken Care Of.

We supply, install, configure and test all monitoring devices. 


Remote 24x7 Power Failure Monitoring, Alert & Response

Power cuts are not uncommon in Spain. Our Home Monitoring solution allows you to detect and quickly react to a powercut or power disruption to fridges, freezers, pool filters, security cameras, WiFi etc.


Even a short loss loss of power can destroy the contents of your freezer. And even worse, once power is restored it can be impossible to tell there even was a failure, and your spoiled, unfit for consumption freezer food will refreeze and you'll be none the wiser.  


Also detects and alerts to WiFi dropouts even if electrical power is still on. Quickly restore connection to your critical smart devices such as cameras and alarms.


USB Power Failure Sensor

An innovative device to alert you when the electricity goes out and when it is restored, also reporting the total black-out time.

Alerts are sent from the Cloud Server for free by email directly to your smartphone. So even if your WiFi router shuts down due to a power failure, the receipt of alerts is guaranteed

Furthermore, you DO NOT need GSM devices, SIM cards or UPS - an Internet line is sufficient.

                                                 €89,00                      Including fitting & Configuration



  • How does it work?
    We list your property on the Blue Light Holidays Rentals Website. We create your listing from your existing or other travel channel listing for you. We set the rate the same as your (or other) rate with a 10% discount for the Blue Light Community which is applied at the time of booking. We then promote your property via our website and various social media channels. Aditionally, all properties listed on Blue Light Holiday Rentals are made available to Blue Light Card holders - the largest online and high street discount service for the NHS, Emergency Services and Armed Forces with over 2 million registered members across the UK We take care of the booking, the discount and online payment process, so you don’t need to worry about any of that.
  • How much will this all cost me?
    We make no charge for listing your property. Most likely you’re already listing your property on, AirBnB or similar platforms. Commission fees vary, but typically are around 15-20% of your reservation rate. By listing on Blue Light Holiday Rentals, you'll save on this commission fee, so we ask you to pass a minimum 10% of this saving on to the Blue Light Community. Not only do you get a nice warm feeling inside for doing something good, but you also get access to increased rental sales channels which could greatly improve your occupancy rate and increase yout income overall. We take care of the booking process, invoicing guests and accepting card payments online. We charge a flat rate service fee of 5% on each completed booking to cover these costs.
  • What about damage deposits and cleaning fees?
    We can include any legitimate additional fees such as refundable security deposits and cleaning charges on your property listing so that the guests are aware of them. It is up to the property owner/appointed person to collect these fees. Additional fees are not subject to the discount.
  • Do I need a Keyholder?
    A Keyholder, or other responsible person, is required to handle check-in, guest changeovers and to deal with any issues or queries during the guest’s stay.
  • Why do I need to already have my property listed on (or similar)?
    Blue Light Holiday Rentals offer genuine discounts on rates already published elsewhere.
  • Can I increase my standard rate to cover the 10% discount?
    All discounts offered must be genuine on rates already published and offered elsewhere. It is strictly forbidden to artificially inflate your base rate just to cover the discount offered to the guests. Most booking channels charge 15%-20% commission, which you will save on with bookings made through Blue Light Holiday Rentals, so you are simply passing on some of this saving without affecting your bottom line.
  • Hold on – if it’s such a great cause, why are you charging 5%?"
    It’s a valid point. Most agents will charge somewhere between 10 and 15%, on top of the channel (e.g. fees. We’ve scaled down this fee to its absolute minimum. It covers our operating costs which include maintaining our website and booking engine, and credit card transaction fees incurred by processing payments on your behalf.
  • Can I offer more than 10% discount?
    Yes! And that would be just fantastic. Also, by increasing the discount offered, you’ll generate more inquiries and likely to increase your bookings.
  • How do you prevent double bookings from bookings made on your website and those made elsewhere?
    We can sync our calendar via iCal with, AirBnB and all major channels. We can also sync with your calendar if you list your property on your own website. You can also tell us of any dates you wish to manually block out when your property is not available.
  • When do I receive payment for my bookings?
    We aim to process all payments within 48 hours of the guest arrival, after deducting your agreed discount and and the 5% service fee.
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