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Smoke, Heat & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

We'll leave your home safer than we found it.

 Detect. Protect. 

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Protect Your Family & Guests
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Having working smoke, heat & carbon monoxide detectors in your home can literally be the difference between  Life & Death. 

We advise on exactly what is required for your home or property e.g. what you need and where to place them.

After that, we can supply, install & test the new system to ensure your home and family are protected.

We supply and fit both standalone, interlinked and smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. A smart detector will alert you of a trigger, even when you are in the UK!

And we don't forget about you once the installation is complete - we offer a periodic Smoke & Gas Testing service, plus clean to ensure your alarms are always in tip-top working condition.

Need to Know.
Smoke, Heat, Carbon Monoxide
What's the difference & what you need
Ensure Your Alarm Works When it Needs To, Airbnb etc.
Your Responsibilities
Staying Within the Law
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With the lack of any current Spanish regulation covering installation of detectors in domestic homes, we work with consideration to UK legislation, and adhere to British Standard EN BS 5839-6 (fire) and BS 50292 (carbon monoxide). This ensures the safety of you and your family and to future proof your system against future regulation changes.

  • Smoke alarms in every circulation space on each level, such as hallways and landings.

  • Smoke alarms installed in the room most frequently used for general daytime living purpose.

  • Heat alarms installed in every kitchen.

  • All smoke and heat alarms should be mounted on ceilings & interlinked.

  • Carbon monoxide alarms to be fitted where there is a carbon-fueled appliance (e.g. boiler, log burner, open fire or heater).

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Smoke, Heat & CO Detector Testing

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors are life-saving pieces of equipment. If you are a HomeMaid client then you already have the peace of mind knowing that we regularly test your batteries as part of our scheduled inspections.

But pressing the test button on the detector only checks the circuitry and the battery - it does not test that should smoke or gas enter the chamber, it will actually trigger a response and activate the alarm.

To fully test an alarm, a simulated smoke/gas test is required.

We provide an Inspect, Clean and Test (ICT) Service:

  • We first inspect the alarm unit for any visible damage, or wear and tear. 

  • Dust and grease can greatly impair the detectors sensitivity. We clean the inside chamber using compressed air, and wipe clean the outside of the unit.

  • We then use safe and toxic free simulated smoke/gas (depending on the test being undertaken) to fully test your alarm.

  • Finally we issue a test certificate as evidence for compliance and audit, which could help in the event of an insurance or liability claim.

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Make Sure Your Alarm Works When It's Needed

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We undertake a FREE home survey and then provide you with a no obligation fixed quote.

Fitting is from just €15 per device*.

We supply and install FireAngel safety devices. FireAngel are a UK registered company and home safety market leaders in manufacturing advanced, high-quality and BS Certified smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. FireAngel are the brand of choice for over 90% of the UK’s Fire & Rescue Services.


FireAngel are not the cheapest devices on the market - and for good reason. We won't fit or trust low-cost, cheaply made detectors. But with 10-year tamper-proof, sealed Lithium Batteries and a 10-year manufacturer's warranty, they represent outstanding value for money over the life cycle of the product, and even more importantly, are a name that can be trusted.

*Where multiple devices are fitted. Dependent on model. Plus IVA.

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