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"Your Property is our Priority"

Keyholding & Property Inspections is the core part of our business, and not just an add-on service. We take the trust you place in us very seriously.

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Who we are

The people behind HomeMaid:


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We are a family run Keyholding business, established since 2018 and based in Murcia.

We are fully legal and registered in Spain, friendly and flexible.

​We manage properties on La Torre, Hacienda, El Valle, Mosa Trajectum and all surrounding communities.

We provide Keyholding, cleaning, holiday changeovers and other property services which we can tailor into a package that suits you best; we understand that everyone has different needs and there's no such thing as a one size fits all package. 

Why not get in touch now for a friendly chat on how we might best serve you.

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Responsible keyholding is so much more than simply looking after a set of keys. Trusting someone to look after the keys to your home and investment is a big decision. 


Keyholding & Property Inspections is the core part of our business, and not just some add-on service. We take the trust you have placed in us very seriously.

Our property inspections go so much further than a basic visual check; your property is aired, toilets flushed, water run, fridge/freezer checked, outside areas including outbuildings checked, and gates closed. If required we will collect your mail from your post box and leave it in a secure place in your property, or forward it to another address.  We discuss any other needs you might have to provide a personal and tailored service.

In addition to the scheduled inspections, we also check on your property following any extreme, adverse weather such as storms and flooding. We understand how worrying a time this can be when you are thousands of miles away. But we'll keep you continuously updated of the current status and as soon as it's safe to do so, we will check your property and feedback. We do not charge extra for this.

We have invested heavily in technology to deliver our customers the very best customer experience. We developed the ONLY app specifically for Keyholder Inspections - the SmartCheck Inspection App

Property Inspections Murcia
Property Inspections Murcia
Property Inspections Murcia


Keyholders Murcia
Keyholders Murcia

All HomeMaid clients have exclusive access to our  in-house developed Smart Client App.  With the app our clients are able to:

  • Check at-a-glance the last time their property was checked and by whom, and when the next inspection is due in line with their selected inspection plan

  • Check latest meter readings for gas, water and electricity

  • Check the status of their keys (have they been released to a third-party such as a trades person?)

  • View the Activity Report for a complete audit of all activity on their property - check-in's, cleans, inspections, works etc.

  • Quickly and easily notify us of arrivals

  • Book Home Services such as oven cleaning, maintenance etc.   

Never again wonder when your property was last checked.

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The Key to Your Cleans!

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One off Cleans

Keyholding Murcia

Spring Cleans


Introducing Home Services from HomeMaid

We launched Home Services to provide HomeMaid clients with services that were previously only available through independent contractors.


AC Cleaning


Oven Cleaning


Small Jobs & Maintenance


Dishwasher Clean

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For bigger jobs, we partner with legal and recommended trades people through our Trusted Partner Program.

Keyholding Murcia
Keyholding Murcia
Keyholding Murcia
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Over the phone or online


Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss how we might best serve you. We also have a full brochure detailing all our services which you can download here.
We'd also be more than happy to meet you face to face at a time and place that's convenient to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for getting in touch!

Keyholding Murcia
Keyholding Murcia
Keyholding Murcia
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