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New to Trusted Murcia?
Let us show you the ropes.

If you're looking to get a job done properly, you want to find a business you can trust to do a good job for a fair price. Trusted Murcia allows you to quickly find a local business or service provider in Murcia who can be trusted to provide a high standard of work.

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How it works

What Makes Trusted Murcia Trusted?

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Trusted Reviews
We work hard to make sure you’re reading reviews based on real experiences. Real people check and verify reviews to help ensure the reviews on Trusted Murcia are genuine. 
If there is any doubt, we ask for further proof from the reviewer, such as an invoice for the work completed. We also randomly verify a large selection of reviews.

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Trusted Service Providers
Businesses that meet our exacting standards, can apply to receive Trusted Status. Only legally registered, qualified, and insured businesses and Service Providers are bestowed this status. You can browse specifically for these high-quality businesses and engage with them with confidence.

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How do reviews get on
Trusted Murcia?


Anyone who has had a buying or service experience in the past 12 months can write a review, for free, as long as they have a Trusted Murcia user account, follow our Guidelines for Reviewers, and don’t have a conflict of interest with the business they’re reviewing. 

All reviews about a business are shown on their profile page. This is where consumers can read and write reviews, and find other relevant information about the business, such as the overall star rating.


A review can start in two ways:


Consumers that have had an experience with a business in the last 12 months can create a Trusted Murcia account and write an unsolicited review.


 Business can invite recent customers to review them.

Businesses are not allowed to offer any form of payment or incentive for a review.

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Service Providers you can trust.





Businesses and Service Providers with Trusted Status have been checked and vetted so that you can engage with them with confidence and peace of mind.

Businesses with Trusted Status have been checked that they:



Trusted Murcia

Trusted Murcia is a free tool to assist you in selecting the right service provider for your requirements, but the information provided should not be wholly and exclusively relied upon. You should always undertake your own due diligence and checks. 

Although every effort is made to ensure businesses and service providers that apply for Trusted Status are legitimate, reputable and have appropriate qualifications, we cannot be held responsible for any work carried out or goods supplied nor do we control or are held responsible for prices of such services, products and goods, availability, competency, suitability of tradespeople, companies and suppliers listed on or linking to

Businesses listed that do not have Trusted Status have NOT been checked or verified by us.

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