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Keyholders, Cleaners, Holiday Letting Agencies, take the pledge to help your local community. 

It's Easy!

All you need to do is to pledge to collect any suitable food items left by your vacating guests and arrange for it to be donated to your local foodbank. 


As the number of supporters increase in any given area we'll look to setup a central drop off point where collectively supporters can drop the items at. Then once there is a box full, a volunteer can arrange for it all to be delivered to the local foodbank all at once.

Please pledge your support and agree to donate food items by signing up below. We'll send you a digital Supporters Badge to post on your website and social media pages which recognizes you as business that takes their social responsibility seriously.

We'll also send you a digital notice to print and display in your properties, encouraging your guests to not throw away non-perishable foods.

Finally, we'll add your business logo to our supporters page.

And that's it! Now sit back and relax, proud in the knowledge that you are helping your local community.


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duly pledge to help my community by supporting the Left4Good initiative. 

Join Us!



"Can I pledge my support and take any items directly to the Foodbank myself?"

Absolutely.  However, we recognize that numerous trips to the Foodbank for just one or two items can be time-consuming and an expense to you. Waiting until you have a box full of items before taking them can delay the distribution to those that need it most.  But as the number of supporters in your area increases and by then all working collectively and pooling the food into one collection we can expedite that time and reduce our carbon footprint with less car trips.

"I already donate the food I find to a friend/neighbor who is experiencing hard times and is in need – can I continue to do that and still pledge my support?"

Firstly – that’s fantastic; well done! We certainly do not want to impact on any existing, worthwhile initiatives. And of course, you are exactly the kind of person we want onboard supporting our campaign. Maybe consider donating some of the items to Left4Good; perhaps there’s something your friend or neighbor doesn’t like or is inundated with and unlikely to use? Remember the foodbanks are experts in distributing the food we donate to those that need it most.


"Are you only interested in non-perishable food items, or perishable and non-food items too?"


The demand and situation can quickly change. We would encourage you to speak to your local foodbank to get a clear idea on what is needed and what is not. Usually perishable food is accepted providing it has at least 2-weeks left on the use by date.

"My guests hardly ever leave anything, and if they do it’s usually only one or two items – is it really worth me signing up?"


Absolutely! This is one of the main aims of the campaign – by working collectively we really can help families in need. Just one or two items from you, along with just one or two items from several other properties and we’ve got a whole box full of food to provide for several families!

"I'm not a Keyholder, Cleaner or Holiday Property Owner, but would still like to help"

Fantastic! There are a number of ways you can help, from sharing our appeal on social media to volunteering to collate food items from local Keyholders and then deliver it all to the foodbank.  Email us at for more information.

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