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Website Design,

Build and Hosting

I'll build a stunning website for your business.

All websites are created to work and look good on all devices – PC, mobile and laptop and include a dynamic, user friendly contact form with auto reply for your potential customers to easily reach you. I can include text, photos, video, even document downloads (great if you have a company brochure or menu you want your visitors to download).

If you have Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts, I can add links directly to them.

Your hosting & support plan allows you unlimited updates to your site, so no additional costs just because you've changed your phone number!

What's included?

jellyfish contact form

Contact Form

with auto reply


(keeps your website safe & secure)

jellyfish responsive design
website free updates

Responsive Design

(looks good on a mobile!)

Unlimited Updates

fre domain name


(the 'www' name)

jellyfish seo


(so Google can find you!)



(so the world can see your awesome site)


€  How much does this all cost?

This depends greatly on your requirements. As a guide, a site like this one, would cost in the region of €400 + IVA, including 12 months web hosting and support. 

Thereafter, web hosting and support which includes free updates, starts at €25 + IVA per month.

Need to budget? Ask me about Pay-Monthly plans.

If you’re looking for a site with more advanced features such as a shopping cart or booking capabilities, then they are going to cost more. 

My advice is free!

If you are local, then I am happy to meet you and discuss your requirements, brainstorm some ideas, and advise you on anything you’re not sure about. If you decide afterwards that you’d rather not use my services I promise not take it personally! If you'd rather discuss it all by email that's fine too!


Here's some I made earlier..

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