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The future of Property Inspections!


Detect. Protect. Prevent.


We’re professional Keyholders. So naturally we think Keyholders are indispensable in keeping your property safe and secure. But the problem every Keyholder faces, is timing. A property can be fully inspected one day, only for the power to go off the next. Depending on your inspection schedule, it could be another month before that’s identified. Too late for all the food in your freezer.

And what about a burst water pipe? The longer that goes undetected the more damage (and expense) it’ll cause to your, and perhaps your neighbors, property.

The harsh, simple truth is that no Keyholder can keep an eye on your property 24x7. Well, that was the case…

At HomeMaid we have always put technology at the forefront of what we do. And now we are incredibly excited to introduce HomeMonitor - the future of Property Inspections with remote 24x7 Monitoring and Alert.

We supply and install a selection of smart sensors that continuously monitor critical elements of your property, dependent on your needs - power loss, smoke detection, water leaks, temperature and humidity. If a critical event is triggered your Keyholder or other designated person is alerted for intervention.

Not a HomeMaid client? No problem - anyone can take advantage and benefit from HomeMonitor.

Relax. It’s All Taken Care Of.

We supply, install, configure and test all monitoring devices.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and book a FREE, no obligation survey and quote.

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Water/Leak/Flood Detection

Damaged pipes and leaking taps not only send your water bills skyrocketing, but they can cause significant and expensive damage if left untreated. Our water leak detectors identify both dripping and standing water allowing us to notify you or your Keyholder immediately. 

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Smoke Detection & Alert

Traditional smoke alarms only provide an audible alarm, assuming that there is always someone present in the property to hear it. We install smart wireless smoke detectors with remote alerting capabilities, as well as a traditional audible alarm. 

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Power Failure

Be alerted and quickly react to a power failure. Power cuts are not uncommon in Spain, and even a short loss loss of power can destroy the contents of your freezer. Worse, is that once power is restored it can be impossible to tell, and your spoiled freezer food will refreeze and you'll be none the wiser.​

Also if the filter and pump on your pool is not running due to a power outage, your pool's water quality can quickly deteriorate

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Temperature & Humidity Sensors

Smart thermometer and hygrometer monitors and records the current temperature and humidity level of your property. Alerts if sensor levels fall outside of the customized ranges (too hot/cold). Applications include:

  • Place inside a refrigerator or freezer, to prevent the loss of expensive refrigerated and frozen foods due to equipment failure.


  • Monitor the temperature of the room and alert if temperature drops/increases indicating air conditioning or heating appliances left on.

  • Place the sensor in a basement or other area prone to mold and mildew growth due to high humidity levels. Identify problem areas before expensive repairs are required.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and book a FREE, no obligation survey and quote.



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